On the Archcanon's Secret Service

Bad Actor

The group hears word of a play being produced that may have ties to the Tolling Bells cult. Impersonating an acting troupe, they audition for parts in the play for Nallo Eccheveria, the producer.

The audition hints at a ceremonial sacrifice to be performed during the play itself targeting the chorus player, Mawstin (Lawstin). The troupe tentatively passes the audition and is invited to a dinner with the production’s patrons: Lisbeta Maldonato and Carmine Tuono.

Carmine comes off as adversarial while Lisbeta seems to prompt the group with pass phrases they were not prepared for. The troupe is invited to the “library” after dinner to do a reading of the script. Passing through a fine wine collection, the group is led to a cellar boasting no books. Nallo passes us the scripts that contain an unreadable set of characters. The group falters and Carmine presses to kill us. The heroes are convinced to leave the cellar while Carmine stabs Nallo in the neck.

Carmine leads the group to the dock to be ambushed by Lisbeta and Carmine himself. Carmine is put out of commission after bolting most of the group with lightning. Lisbeta reveals herself as a Blood Hag, able to change form and blast the group with large burst attacks. Inky and Lupo pound on Lisbeta until she succombs to a final bomb.

The group has maintained possession of the scripts and double backed to recover other valuables.

GMs Notes

The party scavenged an initial haul of rare wines worth 1293 gp.

Braving arrest and disgrace, the party returned to the scene of the crime, claiming a second plunder of valuable wines and netting a further 1637 gp.

As well, clever searching revealed that one of the enormous casks in the wine cellar beneath the Maldonado home was in fact false, and protected a trove of items presumably collected by the blood hag wearing Lisbeta Maldonado’s skin. The trove included the following:

Oil of Light
Oil of Mage Armor
2 x Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Feather Step
Potion of Jump
Potion of Resist Acid (3rd)
Scroll of Charm Person
Scroll of Read Magic
Scroll of Rope Trick
Scroll of Sleep
Wand of Corrosive Touch (2d4; 18 charges remaining)

Session XP award: 1440 each, +150 each for retrieving the scripts of the heretical play, A Visit from the Blue Regent.


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