On the Archcanon's Secret Service

Easiest hit ever

Summoned by Salvatore Orcini, the group reports to a trattoria for a sit-down. Salvatore informs us that our services were requested by Roberto Stellaluce of the Ravicionare, the finance arm of the Church (or most probably the assassins).

Roberto asks us to prevent Gavrilo Terkan from acquiring a non-descript telescope by any means necessary. The group accepts the task and heads down to the basement of the Maldonato estate where Gavrilo is understood to be present. Nantucket Brown helps us bypass the security on the primary level to explore the lower level.

We weather some major early setbacks against zombies and mummies. We do finally prevail only to find Gavrilo lying dead; a victim of the mummies.

Roberto indicates this could be signs of a potential conflict within the cult of the Tolling Bells. Future missions granted by Roberto Stellaluce may help us uncover that.


1450 XP for each player
390 gp each (split from cash and resell of trade goods)

Reliquary 1:
Potion of Water breathing {3rd/5th}
Potion of Status {2nd/3rd}
Copper disks (89gp)
Arcane Scroll, Detect undead {1st/1st}
Copper censer (16gp)
Incense (4gp)

Gems and Jewels
Ring (130gp), Chrysoberyl (65gp), Tigereye (1gp), Chrysoprase (20gp), Azurite (5gp)

5 pp, 219 gp, 4860 sp, 32400 cp

Reliquary 2:
Potion of Haste {3rd/5th}
Corrosive flail
Potion of Bear’s endurance {2nd/3rd}
Potion of Cure light wounds {1st/1st}
Copper circlet (55gp)
Figurine (1gp)

Gems and Jewels
Golden pearl (97gp), Coral (64gp), Lapis lazuli (5gp), Hematite (7gp), Agate (1gp), Tigereye (2gp), Turquoise (1gp)

25 pp, 397 gp, 1720 sp, 4400 cp

Adorned bible (116gp)

Easiest hit ever
JustinAchilli OscarG

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