On the Archcanon's Secret Service

In Which We Get Our Asses Handed To Us

Witch Problems Pt. 1

Salvatore Orcini informs us a missing relic stolen by the Red Knives. A mythical woman archcanon is said to have had a stillborn daughter that has been preserved and revered by the church.

The Red Knives are led by Ovideo Spina and have a well known and well-guarded hangout. The crew makes short work of the guards and beats Ovideo within an inch of his life. Ovideo informs us, under duress, that the relic has been sold to Vanozza, the witch, through a man described to resemble Roberto Stellaluce.

The crew rushes out to Vanozza’s hideout and secure the relic. We encounter some grub-like creatures before running into a giant serpent that beats us up and down the field. We are then set upon by satyrs and Vanozza. At a point where the fight seemed like we could survive, we are blasted by a Cloud Kill spell leaving most of the group slain or on death’s door.

What happens next? Find out in Witch Problems Pt. 2, The Conclusion.


JustinAchilli OscarG

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