On the Archcanon's Secret Service

The bells toll for thee

The party received 2 items at the onset. The Concordant fork, a tuning fork used to disenchant the chimes that were meant to shatter the cathedral bells. Alsa a spear, not unlike Vincenzio’s. The Spear of Vitrification. (DC 18 fort TURN TO GLASS in 3 rounds)

Upon arrival, Ecaterina ushers us into the cathedral to investigate the bell. We encounter Makrat, a familiar face. We explain we have not yet discovered the corpse of the ehtnarc. Makrat reveals some developments in his research that connect with our own experience with Demetrio and Delfina with the Ethnarc. The Eastern Empire Ethnarc appears to have impersonated Demetrio at some time. We have likely encountered the real and impostor Demetrio in our recent travels.

The recent Tolling Bell cult activity appears to be a resurgence of a sect long since ousted by the Easter Empires. The party and Makrat align to protect the bells and formulate a plan for communication through Belluna (pigeons and the Eastern Emissary in Belluna).

Ecaterina informs us of a recent transfer of Teobaldo Moscano, the abbot at Sona Roso, to Piedmontano. This raises some concern with the party and we go to question him. We reveal enough to concern him about the bell protection and he locks us in the cathedral to be ambushed. We dispatch his agents and come upon Khepra, an other-planar creature in Eastern Empire vestments. Khepra recognizes the spears, mask, and monocle as having originated in his plane.

After defeating Khepra and his summoned minions we search the area to find another duplication machine and materials that suggest that Khepra was attempting to educate our plane about the construction of these weapons. Khepra was on a mission to recover these items that were attributed to St. Lazarus. Lazarus, we found, was also purported to be from Khepra’s plane. More questions than we have answers.

End Chapter 1


Treasure Collected
Coins — a strange variety of otherworldly coins, presumably the currency of the “Dreaming City”: 47 pp, 765 gp, 2680 sp, 13000 cp
Gems: 590 gp total value among eight semi-precious gems
Art objects: Alien censer wrought from gold with bizarre markings (500 gp value)
Masterwork items: mwk chainmail, mwk hide armor, mwk shortsword
Magic items: Light Steel Shield (+1 shield), Oil of Arcane Mark, Potion of Remove Fear, Potion of Stabilize, Wand of Bless

Téobaldo’s haul (to be ransomed or not at your discretion):
Wand of cure light wounds (9 charges), mwk full plate, mwk heavy steel shield, mwk cold iron longsword, everburning torch, 83 gp

Without ransoming Teobaldo’s equipment, we each get a share of 571gp. The Potions and wand are up for grabs.

We each receive 3,600 XP for defeating the encounter and completing Chapter 1.

The bells toll for thee
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