On the Archcanon's Secret Service

Return to Garngad

Venturing beyond the dual-key gate we encountered a skeleton-lined hallway terminating in a portcullis. Pushed through the 3 doors to exterminate the remaining skeletons and ghosts.

A Medusa escaped, or was released, from her captivation. Before we were able to subdue her, Lawstin got stoned.


Each player earns 1471 XP from the mid-December session.

Loot collected:
Magic items
Potion of Good Hope
Potion of Shield of Faith
Potion of Jump

Stuff/ goods
Lock, Superior (297gp value)
Ceremonial banded mail armor (archaic; may have belonged to one of the monks or paladins of St. Lazarus, 481gp value)
Flail, dire (91gp value)
Shield, light steel (6gp value)
Shield, heavy steel (13gp value)
Ceremonial bell (1gp value)

Gems and Jewels
Black star sapphire (574gp value)
Onyx (12gp value)
Brooch (282gp value)
Lapis lazuli (6gp value)
Azurite (1gp value)

26 pp
396 gp
1750 sp
4400 cp

Return to Garngad

439 gold per adventurer

Return to Garngad
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