Belluna’s docks float upon the gulf that gives way to the Piave Sea to the east. On the adjacent peninsula bounding the sea lies the enormous city of Pentangelli, where the five angels dwell. Far to the north, across the Monte Bianco mountain range and the Forest Anziano, stands wicked Necropo, the city of graves.

To the northwest stands Monte Bianco, monarch of the mountain range that shares its name. Just beyond the borders of Belluna, and visible from within its boundaries on a clear night is Gusela del Vescová, the “Bishop’s Needle,” a rough waterfall on the River Garda fed by snowmelt from Monte Bianco.

Belluna lies on the marshy shore of the broad peninsula that forms the Gulf of Piave. Inland from the marshes, the land becomes pastoral hill countryside in the foothills to the Monte Bianco mountain range. Temperate but humid, the region is known for its lush vegetation and flavorful vintner’s grapes.

In the Gulf of Piave, the independent island kingdoms of Chivo and Isola Riále lie a half-day’s journey and beyond from port.


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