Carmine Tuono: Halfling member of the Tolling Bell cult. Defeated by the party in Belluna when the conspiracy attempting to produce the subversive play A Visit from the Blue Regent fell to infighting.

Delfina: Daughter and co-conspirator in Demetrio’s fallen noble family. The party captured Delfina outside Sonorosso and later executed her after conferring with the Abbot-Marshal Teobaldo, who could do nothing with her, but who asked no questions about her disappearance. Weeks later, the party encountered an individual who seemed to be Delfina in the entrance vault of Garngad, but who bled blue blood when they struck her down.

Demetrio: Disgraced noble encountered outside the village of Vietra on the road to Sonorosso. Father of Delfina. The party discovered him transporting two captives: a goodwife from Sonorosso and some otherworldly servitor creature unable to communicate with the party. The party killed Demetrio as he attempted to ambush them in order to keep secret the matter of his hostages. The party later discovered another otherworldly individual in the depths of Garngad who looked exactly like Demetrio, who was, like the servitor, unable to communicate with the party, speaking no earthly language.

Helzen: A mysterious blind individual encountered only in the company of Makrat. Believed to be a priestess, oracle, or some other practitioner of divine magic.

Khepra: Invader from another plane who had corrupted the Bishop Teobaldo. The party destroyed Khepra beneath the Cathedral at Sonorosso.

Khus: Councillor to the court of Prince Vetiver, believed to be a user of magic. Khus has asked the party to collect the grave dust from three specific mummies interred in the Tombs of Sambâl, to an unknown end.

Lisbeta Maldonato: Blood hag, minor noble, member of the Tolling Bell cult, and financier of the subversive play A Visit from the Blue Regent. Defeated by the party in Belluna when the production conspiracy fell to infighting.

Makrat: An operative for the clerical caste of Dhalkassaum, the Eastern Empire. Makrat has clashed with the party once, and seems like he may be acting as the party’s counterpart on behalf of the eastern priests, much as the party represents the interests of the Church of the Redeemer headquartered in the Mountain Kingdoms. An uneasy detente exists between the party and Makrat, as both have a common enemy in the Tolling Bell cult.

Nallo Eccheveria: Member of the Tolling Bell cult and producer of the subversive play A Visit from the Blue Regent. Defeated by the party in Belluna when the production conspiracy fell to infighting.

Nunzio Bartolo: Prior of the Gilded Stacks in the Outland Palatine territory of Govana. Building a protective golem, as the Gilded Stacks have been all but abandoned by the Church.

Ovidio Spina: Minor crime boss in the major criminal organization known as the Red Knives. Ovidio has supposedly stolen a relic from the Church — the stillborn child of a female Archcanon, if rumors are to be believed.

Roberto Stellaluce: A plump, florid cleric believed to belong to the Raviccionarri arm of the Church. Stellaluce seems to have connections to the secular world of organized crime, and may or may not be attempting to set the party up, having brokered the two missions that the party botched or were already complete when the party arrived.

Salvatore Orsini: The party’s contact and immediate superior in the Siculorum, the branch of the Church tasked with the retrieval and accreting of relics. Orsini gets on particularly well with Inky, and also seems to harbor some suspicion of the go-between Roberto Stellaluce — despite having to coordinate missions with the latter.

Teobaldo Moscano: Abbot-Marshal of Nascent’anima Monastery, promoted to Bishop of the cathedral in Piedmontano. The promotion occurred very quickly after the party encountered Teobaldo at the Monastery outside Sonorosso and “eliminated” beings suspected of being evil there.

Vanozza the Witch: Resident of the island of Altezza. Believed to have purchased the alleged female Archcanon’s stillborn child for use in an unwholesome ritual. Vanozza was much more than the party could handle when they chose to engage her, which resulted in the death of the cleric Lawstin and the scarring of the warrior Inky’s soul (and the loss of his heirloom warhammer).

Vetiver, Leper-Prince of Maracand: Ruler of one of the Outland Palatine states that buffer the Mountain Kingdoms of the West from the Eastern Empire. Vetiver has offered the Church (by way of the party) a collection of relics and artifacts from his estate’s catacombs, the Tombs of Sambâl. Vetiver is apparently trying to buy his way back into the good graces of the Church of the Redeemer amid some greater plot occurring among the holy caste of the Eastern Empire.


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